Streetstyles: Stockings

Today, I wanna introduce a new weekly topic. On a weekly basis, I gonna update you with upcoming fashion trends based on street styles.

So, the first streetstyle I want to introduce: knee high & tigh high socks.

I got inspired by the monthly "Glamour" issue for Oktober 2010. And as I am more and more a fan of thights and stockings, I had to report about the new knee high socks. To be honest, I haven't worn them yet. This is due to the fact that I haven't bought any. But I think, today or or at least next week they're mine.

How to style them:

So, when you have the heart to wear knee high or tigh high socks - which is, in my book, very daring but otherwise pretty - there are many things you should pay attention to.

  • The socks have to suit your body, so pick the length wisely! Tip: Keep your hands of from tigh high socks if you got big thighs - they draw to much attention to your problem area!
  • Otherwise try both styles to see which is more figure-hugging and suits best.  
  • Keep in mind: Knee socks that finish below the knee accent your bone structure more and guarantee a slimmer look. Ones that end higher could cause a "bulge" over your knee, which doesn't look good at all.
  • If you're are small (but fine), then please make sure you're wearing knee high socks which  cut off below the knee and have a short hemline as it guarantees more "legroom" and a greater heigth for you.
  • Avoid pairing them with tartan or plaid skits. Otherwise you would cause a school girl overtone, which is nearly a faux-pas.
  • Layering knee high with tigh high socks can create a very sensational look, so don't be afraid trying that out. 
  • Last but not least: These socks can also work as a key piece of your outfit, if you're courageous enough to play with colours and drapery. If it's could outside, knitted stockings are a good alternative.
Now that you have your styling tips, here are some examples how theory can be put into practice.

Click "read more" to read the whole article.

I hope I convinced you with these pretty looks. So, if you already gained some experience with knee high socks or tigh high socks feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I just love it but don't have the legs to wear them.Thanks for all your tips and photos, very usefull indeed.

  2. Love the idea but do not have any so far. BUT I saw some overly cute overknee socks, creme colored, with small braid patterns and small pink bows on top. Maybe I should try it out?!



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