SS/XIII: Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur

As luck would have it I stumbled upon Fanny Lyckman's latest collection for Estradeur. It was purely coincidental that I chanced upon Nelly's this afternoon. The last time I seeked the retailer was at christmas since I totally fell in love with this sequin low back dress and I just had to own it. So it's ages that I visited the online store. Today, it was more like serendipity that I took notice of the collection as Nelly's newsletter cought my eye. I usually delete them as they're a bit of a bind. But this time Lyckman's impressive photos attracted my attention. What's more, I need to update my wardrobe, so it was an advantageous moment to take a gander at the latest looks.

To avoid any misunderstanding: Nope, I would never wear these freaky platform shoes. They're exorbitant and totally unwearable not to mention the fact that I would be a giant if I wear them. Apart from that, the collection turned out well although the garment is quite 90's. The shooting took place at Lily's burger restaurant in Stockholm which seems to be the perfect location due to the carefree atmosphere. The designs have lots of attitude and the cropped tops combined with those high waist shorts cut quite a figur. It's definitely a good pennyworth for girls who live their life to the full. And the one or other piece will surely be doing well in my closet.

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