Trend du jour: Mirrored sunglasses

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Though sunglasses of all styles are fair, mirrored sunglasses are fashion's fairest right now! Besides my love for retro sunnies and brightly colored frames, I noticed this new eyewear trend at the forefront this spring: specs with shiny, reflective surfaces - a super dope trend from the 80's which are now back in in full force this season. 

I know, the beginning of February isn't usually the month for sunglasses as people are wrapped tightly in coats, wear rainproof shoes and warming woolen caps. But as trends spare nothing, it doesn't surprise that polarized sunglasses find their way into our winterly wardrobe. Thanks to Giovanna Battiglia and Garance Doré, the "reflectors" are already hyped in Milan or Paris, where fashionistas prefer the handcrafted sunglasses by Spektre. Unfortunately, they're like gold dust which is why you should shift your attention on Oakley's Frogskin. These babies are totally edgy, custom-made and nonbreakable or so says Oakley. In this regard, they're are a really though companion for summer. Read more if you want information where to buy them.

Oakley Frogskin 109€ via Zalando 

Ray-Ban Arista Aviator 150via Stylebob

DRAGON Experience 99,95€ via frontlineshop

Nau! 59€ via yoox

DRAGON W'Wormser-Ionized 54,99€ via titus

DRAGON The Jam 129,95€ via frontlineshop


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    1. Aaaaww that's so sweet. Thanks for your lovely comment!!
      Of course I'll follow you on BlogLovin' - and on facebook. I really love your style, too!! So keep going :D

  2. the mirrord glasses are aweomse!
    good inspiration


  3. oo these are awesome!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  4. Love these mirror sunglasses they're amazing!

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