Paule Ka: "I am perfect... perhaps"

Although all eyes are focused on the upcoming fashion weeks, the fashion world still revolves. Hence, I wanna take a glance at the staggering advertising campaign of French label Paule Ka, who takes us to sun-kissed Florida and makes me longing for a decent summer. 

The retro campaign featuring American beauty Hilary Rhoda was photographed by returning photographer Venetia Scott who doesn't belie our expectations at all. Art-directed by Paula Ka's designer Serge Cajfinger, Rhoda wears some beautiful 1960's inspired dresses and outings in the glamour set of Palm Beach, California. Under the slogan "I am perfect...perhaps", the campaign contains figure-accentuating dresses, classy white blouses and a patterned satin coat in blazing colors. Fortunately, the stylists dispensed with high heels and rocks altogether which gives a special grace to Rhoda. And although the scenery may look a bit hokey as Hilary poses in these stereotyped backdrops, this is exactly the way I expect the American dream to look like.

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