Summer Essential #1: Boyfriend-Blazer

To be perfectly honest, I gave blazers a wide berth in the past. They were just formal wear for me, kind of restricting and way too stuffy. But last summer I was at the stage, where I dare to wear them. I was in quest of an alternative to my summery jeans jacket and I found it at Zara. It was love at first sight: A pink waisted blazer made of pure cotton which upgrades almost every outfit (see above). So of course I had to buy it and I still have no regrets about that purchase. Ever since, I wore that blazer in every condition of life – at parties, university or just in everyday life - and I have to admit that it always fit perfectly. 

For quite some time now, there is a new version of the renowned models: Boyfriend-Blazers. These jackets were initially in vogue in the last century, most of them with shoulder pads and in a very boyish look. Not my favorite. But this year, many designers pay homage to the 80’s and 90’s by rebranding the outdated looks and giving them a modern image – and it seems that I begin to take a fancy to it. For that reason, I browsed the web to present you a little range of my favorite blazers, including Zara, Topshop and Cos

Zara, 69.95€

Asos, 98,48€

Just Female, 131€

Gina Tricot, 49,95€

Unique, 254€

Unique, 254€

Topshop, 65€


  1. I've been a bit reluctant to get too into blazers, too. But ultimately, I like them a lot more than cardigans. That red one looks great on you!

    Style by Joules

  2. It's great,if fact,you can use silk ribbon or dot ribbon to dress up!


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