H&M's Garden Collection

While shopping at Primark, I came across H&M's new Garden Collection and I just love it. I immediately fell in love with the khaki bikerjacket (pursuant to H&M it's the new black!!) and - bought it. Besides, I purchased this little gold pocket with a catenarian handle. So sweet.

As I get it, H&M tries to focus more on organic cotton and environmentally friendly cloth, which I consider to be very exemplary. The brand's new collection is inspired by blossoming gardens & colourful prints. I'm really keen on wearing it as it directly puts me in a good mood.

Finally, it's a good feeling to overspend on cloth - I mean, you don't pour your money down the drain, do you? Instead you spare your purse and the environment. These articles of clothing wont be my last ones. <3


  1. Aw thank you for your sweet comment :)

    I love this collection, I want to have that little white dress!


  2. As I have soo many white ones I'm not about to buy another one!
    But I couldn't resist purchasing the khaki jacket :)



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