Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour.

Finally, spring is coming into town and I cannot wait anymore enjoying it to the full. I mean, who doesn't love going for a blow?? I'm a real outdoorsy who tries to capture as many springtime impressions as I can get.  

                                               A foretaste of summer. 
A.m., you get awakened by twittering birds feeling that something magic is in the air although there are still chilly winds booming through the efflorescent treetops. So, rising with the sun isn't as hard like it was in winter. The prospect of relishing a wonderful sunny day eclipses the reluctance to get up. 
But springtime is not as harmless as it seems. At the latest, when you steal a glance at your closet realizing that leastwise half of your dresses do not fit like a glove anymore. But, don't sweat it. I mean, there is still much time to get rid of a few pounds, isn't it? Hence, it is not astonishing that the gyms burst at the seams, full with people working out to lose their love handels. So am I, but just with the intention to get fitter after the A-levels. Learning definitively made me sluggardly. Here I come, ready to get into condition!

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