How to find your personal style

As I already mentioned it's hard for "the average joe" to find the personal distinctive style.
A glance at the wardrobe reveals ...

... the problems:

  1. too many cloths
  2. various different styles
  3. no semblance of order 
  4. no leitmotif
The solution:

As I rank among these (pretty) lost causes, I conducted an experiment on my own and serve as a guinea pig. In recent years, I gathered lots of pieces of clothing: ready-made garment, loose fit, custom garment, glad rags & total mispurchases. In a nutshell, all and nothing. No way to find a continuous style. So I started to tidy up my wardrobe. (Attention should be paid to the fact that my wardrobe was chock-full so I needed a clothes rail for the leftovers)

Step one: Take stock


Attend to my words:
It doesn't make sense to go immediately shopping & to purchase new garments while not knowing what exactly stores in the most remote corners of your wardrobe.

Step two: Sorting

After you got a first overview of your clothes, try to seperate the articles of clothing you personal like from those you have never worn or which are quite honestly as ugly as sin and old-fashioned. But stand firm! And do really try to part with those things you would probably never ever wear. Then, make two decks. One for the things which are probably wearable and the other one for a sale to giving-away prices (at jumble sales or somewhere else.) Don't expect to make big bugs, be happy to earn some peanuts out of your sortings.

Step 3: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

After the sorting out, please don't think you have not a rag to put on. There will be enough left, believe me. So now, it's time to don the remnants and to realise  what suits you and what not! It's helpful to use a big mirror & be honest to yourself. Make use of photographs, if you need them & take a picture of you wearing the outfit. A photograph never lies and unearths the truth.

Step 4: Regroup suitable outfits

As your wardrobe is mucked out now, you'll see it's much easier to create new outfits. Believe me, as time is money, the result is really time-saving. Now, you got a general idea of your favored garments & you can filter out which style you unconsciously trend to.

My personal result:
Lots of residual clothes hanger (as I sorted so many out)

And a much more tidy clothes rail (the rest is ready for jumble sale and stores in my wardrobe.)

My preliminary conclusion:
Much to my regret & I didn't find my ultimate personal style. I pretty much tend towards black-and-white outfits & the marine style & with a distinct tendency to rock chic (a result of my other clothing which is not shown on the photographs).

This sorting really disburdended me and helped a lot to get to know my style better. This experience has taught me one thing: Before purchasing a new garment I will deliberate whete I really need this article of clothing to avoid further bad buys.
Finally, I hope I could give you a little instruction if you're such a lost cause like I was.

Now it's your turn: Have you already identified your personal style? Or are you still straying around in the big, wide world of fashion?


  1. I wish I had identified my own personal style or better the style that really suits me. I also have a mix of different kind of clothes and colours. Have already tried to sort them and get rid of some but as always, you say to yourself: this might come back into fashion and you keep (nearly) everything. I'll have to have a real clear out soon and I hope I'll be able to follow your advise then.


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