Look out! Bluff package.

For many fashion-loving women without the perfect "36-23-36" proportions Crystal Renn was a paragon. Her biography "Hungry" (released autumn '09) encouraged many chubby fashionistas not to fall for "slimness mania" and accept their female body with its spots of bother.
Crystal Renn was probably one of the most famous plus-size-models. Note well: was!
Recently, she got booked by Karl Lagerfeld & decided to jettison her attitude. She lost leastwise 20 pounds and is just skin and bones anymore. From size 16 - 20 to size zero in the last weeks. Scary.
Her agency explained Crystal's extreme weight loss as follows:
 "It's understandable that the folks shocked. But she didn't really lose weight, she was just mountain climbing."
Are they kidding me, I thought, when I read it the for first time. The really take Crystal's fans for fools. Unbelievable. It's to bad about her as she knuckles the beauty industry.

Here are some pics, comparisons between the skinny model Jacquelyn Jablonski (left side) & Crystal
(right side) when she was lumpy.
I really ♥ them.

Well, her thighs are curvier than Jacquelyn's but the shoot proves that the outfit fits snugly.

 She's so gorgeous.

Chubby women shouldn't disclaim extravagance.

But these comparisons are a thing of the past. In March 2010 she modelled for the "Fashion for Passion" campaign and was obviously skinnier than at the Milan fashion week of 2007.

Now, it's your turn. What do you think of her change of image? Is she just a great bluff?


  1. Thanks for your message. I have now added you to my blogroll.Hope that gets you some more visitors. Your blog is really nice. I will come and have a look regularily. Bye. Tartangirl.

  2. I was also shocked when I saw those photos. I saw her on E News last night and she said she had lost 25 pounds, but she's definitely not as small as the photos show! She's actually upset about how they were photoshopped to make her look so thin. Anyway, hope she stays healthy!


  3. I thought she looked much better when she stayed true to her size. She's just giving in to an industry standard she took a stand against.

  4. j'ai pas pu m'empecher de venir te laisser un commentaire apres avoir lu tes commentaires sur le blog de tartangirl. Heureuse de trouver une autre personne trilingue :D
    Ich bin in Deutschland geboren und habe auch in Canada gelebt.
    I speak German, french and english ( even if i lost a little bit my english)

    gros bisou

  5. Ahh, c'est le pied :)

    J'habite dans une petite localité entre Mayence et Francfort. Mais, il y a quelque chose de vrai là-dedans: C'est à l'étranger que l'on apprend le mieux la langue.

    Also, Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache :D Aber ich spreche auch englisch, ein bisschen französisch & spanisch :)

    It's just a great feeling knowing that you can communicate with almost everybody around the world. :D

    A plus!

  6. Je suis contente de voir que Berrydelight est venue voir ton blog et t'a ajoutée à sa blogroll.

  7. Well, she is not really a size 0, more like a size 8-10, but she does look really skinny in the last set of photos, there's a whole drama going on about that right now. Apparently the photographer said he didn't photoshop, just shoot from a different angle and that's why she looks smaller.

    I really would like to know what that angle is, I could use some photographic slim-down ;-)

  8. such fun styles!! and a lovely blog you have here,

    **now following!**

    jess s//LadyFLASHBACK

  9. it was actually proven that those images were heavily photoshopped and she's still a size 10.

    and i would love to exchange links...lemme know when you link me so i can link you. :)

  10. i think she will look good in any size =)

    you have a lovely page!


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