More than words.

When I threw a glance at the cover of the German Cosmopolitan issue for October 2010 I thought that Heidi Klum is getting on a bit more and more. In fact, Photoshop did a good job. No wrinkles, smooth skin and a beautiful smile. She is a real expert in playing to the gallery.
All the more astonishing, how naturally she acts in her shooting themed "Without Words". Cosmo wanted her to answer the asked questions just by using gestures and her facial expression. And as I am sold on these pictures I just couldn't deprive them of you. Cosmos' questions first, then Heidi's answers.


What do you take with you on journeys to be reminded of home?

Do you prefer going to the mountains or the sea for a rest?

What does a typical Hollywood-greeting look like?

Burger or bratwurst?

You want to see more? Then click underneath.

Are you smart or sexy?

What makes German women so attractive?

How do you simulate a nice rack?

Thank you Heidi for these wonderful gestures.

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