Nicholas K Spring/Summer 2011

I proudly present the first runway show of the NY fashion week.

Stylist: Andreas Kokkino
Makeup: MAC, Lyne Desnoyers
Hair: Cutler, Rodney Cutler
Nails: Dashing Diva, Pattie Yankee
Shoes: Vintage Shoe Company
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Lenses: Mackee Enterprises
Hats: Parkhurst (Customized by Nicholas K)
Music: Ben Brunnemer


  1. Wow! I really love your blog. I have bookmarked this page so I can come back again to check it out. I just hope you keep up the good work. Anything about rayban eyeglasses and I get excited. Thanks again.

  2. Oh that's so cute :D Thanks
    I keep the Ray Ban issue in mind so that I can serve you too with my posts :D


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