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Sorry for letting you down, but the last week has been so busy since I am studying now.
Nevertheless, I try to carry on with my blog as long as possible, of course.

As I am dealing with economics, politics and journalism at the moment, I attempt to keep my likings balanced with fashion.
Today's article will be about Wolfgang Joop's fashion label "Wunderkind". Maybe you know him - or not.
Regardless of wheter you have already heard of him or not, I want to give som information about him and "Wunderkind"

Last week, he presented his collection at Paris Fashion Week and - as always- the clothes were really cute. There were kind of girlish cherry-prints and of course his famous drapery. Moreover, Joop focused on an A-line gown, which usually is a very clear and simple design, but with his black and white squares it was too much of a good thing. But maybe, it's also purely a matter of taste.

So, this is his "Wunderkind" collection for Spring 2011:
P.S.: Do you know "Pippi Langstrumpf"? She is a swedish literary character by Astrid Lindgren and she wears exactly the same pair of tights. So, I think Joop got inspired by her :)

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  1. i like the jackets!

    you are invited to my blog! tell me what you think about my last outfit!




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