AF Vandevorst Show Berlin


What is wrong with these pictures? Tip: Look at the hair-do.

Maybe you've already noticed that the hairstylist of AF Vandevorst really wanted to make something different with the hairdo at Berlin Fashion Week 2011. But it stands to reason that he did that as AF Vandevorst's Friends collection opened the runway show. Since January 19th, more than 25 fashion designers present their fall/winter collection 2011.Until Saturday, shows will be running non stop.

© MERCEDES BENZ Berlin Fashion Week/Getty Images

This time the Belgian husband-wife team Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst set the trend with earthy brown and shiny red nuances. In Fall/Winter 2011 we'll see how far this trend will be realized.

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  1. Everybody talks abour new hair styles at the moment. Jennifer Aniston has a frindge and in France several bloggers have had their hair cut. Funny !


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