So, this is Haute Couture?

On Monday, designer Karl Lagerfeld presented his Haute Couture collection. But it didn't really look like Haute Couture. Here some photos: 

Chanel: Haute Couture Frühjahr 2011Chanel: Haute Couture Frühjahr 2011

Jeans combined with Tweed-Blazer and Ballerinas? Very usual. But: the devil is in the details. Lagerfeld used "more than 10 million pearls, crystals and sequins".

Lagerfeld explained: "Workaday life doesn't need opulence. My collection catches the spirit of young women but it is still haute couture. Today, everybody wears jeans. So, I had to adapt my designs."

Chanel: Haute Couture Frühjahr 2011

But what about models wearing flat shoes?

"I was fed up seeing the models walking like the Eiffel Tower on this 15 cm to 20 cm chopines. They really look disabled"

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  1. Nothing special,I expected so much more from Lagerfeld


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