Blogroll contest

Hey sweethearts,
I always get overwhelmed with inquiries whether I can add you to my blogroll called "Daily reads". Due to the lack of space, I cannot add everyone to it. But as there are so many among yourselves who want it so bad, I decided to make a contest out of it.

If you want to be added, then just leave a comment, why your fashion blog needs to be in my blogroll.
The best three ones will be added. So, look alive!
Good luck sweeties.


  1. Hey honey :)

    I ♥ your blog & your passion for fashion. The "quirky look" posts are really great and I love to follow your blog.

    I need to be on your blogroll 'cause my website is as extraordinary as your blog and I am addicted to fashion.

    Pick me :) and keep going!

    xxx Liza

  2. Hey!
    I want to be added to your blogroll because my blog is stylish, girlish and always up to date :D I hope you decide in favor of me :)

    See ya. ♥

  3. Hey Fleurie! :)
    Since you're blog is always up to date und you have such an inspiring style, I would be very happy to be addes to your blogroll!
    The - blog tries to show their customers the latest trends but also normal things we like and think our readers would like too.
    If you like our shop, you can contact us!


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