My Thai Chai

Today, my mum visited me and my flat share and we went sightseeing in Cologne. I really enjoyed the day 'cause normally my mum is living far away and time together is quite rare. We discovered a small but beautiful antiques market near the rhine. I was watching out for some cute vintage jewelry but unfortunately, I went away empty-handed. Afterwards, we went out for food at Kitty Chai, a small but well-designed restaurant with delicious Thai food. I had fried chicken and mixed vegetable. I really, really loved it. Yummy.

                         Kitty Chai's puristic design....         ...and my tasty cocktail        
After having lunch, we sauntered trough the city center. Due to Pentecost, the stores were closed but nevertheless, we went window shopping and I discovered a cute little store called le SHOP. I directly fell in love with it which is why I decided to write a further entry about the shop. So, be curious.
By the way: How do you like such puristic designs? Do you favor them as much as I do?

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