Put it off until later? Definitely!!

Yes, I know I should learn microeconomics - and yes, this dull and drizzly weather is really a fine day for ducks and therefore perfect for cramming for my next exams - 'cause they're quite soonish. I know the saying goes "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today" but this does not hold good for me. Unfortunately, I procrastinate. All the same, I went to an academical tutorial this morning, altough I could hardly drag myself out of bed. to Anyway... I sweetend my afternoon with my latest acquisition, a DSLR by panasonic.
Of course, they're expensive to purchase (the lumix was on offer, so I had to knock down) but they're really worth the price. I relish doing photos but my old camera always rained on my parade and I couldn't actualize myself the way I wanted to. And so I passed the last hour with shooting my flat. I hope, you like the pics  'cause in future I propose doing posts which are more personal and could upvalue my blog (at least a bit).

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