Shop Review: Weekday

As promised, here's my entry about WEEKDAY. I stumbled upon WEEKDAY months ago, I was shopping when the lurid neon light striked my way. And as I had an open mind, I didn't want to judge a book by its cover.

 Given, the shop window was a bit chaotic and off the wall but it kinda attracted me. The clothes racks are abnormally angular and you have to watch out not to bang your knees against the edges - you could do without bruises. The interior design is ultramodern, geometric shapings criss-cross the sales area while a whire netting shapes the ceiling - at least in Cologne, 'cause WEEKDAY leaves their interior design to chance which means every store is unique. They do share certain design elements like colour schemes and tilting angles but in large part they're unique specimen. The Swedish company is primarily specializing in his own brands; MTWTFSS (shortcuts of the weekdays) and Store Made and Cheap Monday. It's quite commendable that they also formed collaborations with young, upcoming designers straigth from leading fashion schools like Carin Wester, Eley Kishimoto or Stine Goya. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the collections. The brand's origin hypothesizes that the fashion has a nordic touch, pretty discreet and many a-lines. Sometimes it's a bit too boyish for me but that's purely a matter of taste. Better, if you get a picture of their style on your own, so here is an abstract:

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