Weekly Snapshot 1

As I am posting throughout the whole week, I lose track myself of what I am actually reporting about. As from now, I try to gather my weekly thoughts, impressions and news in a new column called "WEEKLY SNAPSHOT", just to find remedy. So, this is week 1, and this is what happend:

001. My week was nothing out of the ordinary, just hung out at my editorial office 'cause there was no target date. On Friday, I had an appointment with the governing mayor talking about the final ceremony of Siegburg's "Teenage Reading Club", an American venture to cultivate children's reading interest. A good thing but to tell the truth I thought I was destined for greater things than "reading clubs" but I shrug it off. There's nothing else for it but to wait for the "big fish". And as every cloud has a silver lining I can allow extra time for my blog!!

002. Weekend was totally awesome. As you maybe know, I got a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend, so he visits me biweekly. We went to the zoo, a childish leisure activity I know, but it was very relaxing. Did a contest with my friend Josephine about the best animal shots and I have to admit, she won although we both have brand-new SLRs. But her telephoto was much better than mine, so her closeup views were stunning.

003. This morning, my mum and her husband dropped by as they were on the way to the North Sea, making holidays. We had a delicious breakfast and I was glad seeing here as it's soooo long since I saw here the last time. Hope the have nice days up there, although I kinda reminds of staycation.

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