Werelse - a bit too cagey for me

The whole fashion world has been wildcatting for a while now about what will be behind the new project of Andy Torres, Carolina Engman and Chiara Ferragni. Besides this long shot, it's certain that the girls of Style Scrapbook, Fashionsquad and The Blonde Salad are worth their weight in Gold - which is no different this time 'cause they know the concept of "haste makes waste". I'm bursting with curiosity about Werelse and it seems that I am not the only one whose interest got piqued: Nearly 10.000 fashionistas are already following the new fashion start-up on facebook! And although the secret isn't yet disclosed, they show subtle hints with this uploaded video:

Guess, you can't make head or tail of it either. So what's Werelse about? A new online shop? A fashionable flat share? The official statement doesn't really helps me on:
"WERELSE is a concept brand bringing three international fashion bloggers together, pushing their creative talents and sharing their inspiration. Seasons and trends are brushed aside and a platform has been created for limited edition products, all inspired and styled by Andy, Carolina and Chiara"
So, why are they so cagey? I don't get it. But the secret will be disclosed on Tuesday, so stay the course!

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