Knitwear and duck tape by juliaandben

Yep, I know I should better do some macroeconomics, bury myself in my studies and pore on statistics - but the hustle and bustle at Berlin Fashion Week last week still keeps me on my toes. The massive spectacle at Brandenburger Tor makes every fashionista's heart leaping for joy, doesn't it? And due to the fact that it has already come to an end, I wanna draw a final stroke by way of a very last review.

I decided on JULIAANDBEN'S runway show so as to duly celebrate the end of Berlin's MBFW. Granted, the snapshots beckoned me to do so. True to the motto "I know that you want me", which is the collection's title as well, Julia Heuse and Ben Klunker designed a real masterpiece. Both of them studied at the prestigious Berlin design school ESMOD, where they later on founded their eponymous fashion label on graduating in 2006. Since then, JULIAANDBEN  have striked a balance between commercial and conceptual, classic and avant-garde by means of mixing glamour with a unique Berlin street style.

"I know that you want me" is exactly, what we are craving for: Lots of cuddly & low-keyed knitwear, which creates a perfect mix of casual and elegance. Their design challenges conventionality due to boxy, oversized cuts with lots of draperies. Only at second sight, the collection reveals itself with tie-dyed looks and duck-tape which adorns some high-heels.


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