MBFWB: Odeur's unisex fashion

This photos are one of the last impressions of Berlin Fashion Week: The two models present Odeur's latest collection for FW 2012/2013. The label Odeur was founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Petter Höllström and Gorjan Lauseger and it has rapidly spread to 17 countries with its range of jeans, outerwear, accessoires and fashion clothing. This time, Odeur focusses on unisex cuts with muted colors in grey, wine red and black & draperies which break the straight cuts. To me, it would fit easily among the big avant-garde stars of Paris, so all in all, it's a successful final for MBFWB. So, if you're curious about Odeur's collection, feel free to read Frank's interview on i♥Berlin.de

"For the fashionable Berliner Scandinavian labels are somewhat the holy grale of fashion. Why do you think Berliners rate fashion from the North so high?
Perhaps because of the simplistic yet playful and characteristic silhouettes.
What made you decide to have your first show presentation in Berlin this year?
We have been present in Berlin the last couple of years and now feel that it’s time for us to show the whole concept of Odeur.

Your fashion shows in Sweden are always very atmospheric and dramatic. What can we expect from your studio presentation in Berlin?
We are always trying to tell a story with our collections and that’s what we are gonna do this time as well. Expect sone ” Temps de Voyages”.

Give us a little bit of a teaser of the new collection. What is the most important piece of it?
The new collection is perhaps more graphic than previous ones. We have been working with some unexpected cuts on fine materials like wool and cashmere."

read more on i♥Berlin.de. Photos by Odeur.

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