Augustin Teboul's thread of ariane

This Wednesday was one of those special moments at MBFWB you'll never forget. Berlin's KOW Gallery was whreated in mist with rose fog, crowded out with hipsters and women dancing to Meat Loaf on "magic-moment"-pedestals. Some models were breathing "I love you", or just nodding while others were leaning on the wall turning their backs to the audience: The presentation of "The Thread of Ariane - A Trip through a mental labyrinth" by Augustin Teboul was surely a highlight. This theatrical installation evolved in close collaboration with scenograph Zana Bosnjak and acted as an appetizer for the coming FW 12/13 season.

From the outset, Augustin Teboul stands for an exclusive, avant-garde and yet mind-blowingly feminine look. This time, the masters of surrealism succeeded again: The new collection is both, fragile and strong and it perfectly underlines Augustin Teboul's conception of sophisticated designs. Once again, the 32-part collection is a rediscovery of femininity with a post-romantic touch. And as usual, the design duo focuses on luxurious, clear-black cloth.


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