A night full of frenzy and excess

When August Castell-Castell enters the dance floor, he always keeps his camera handy. The Munich trainee is obsessed by partying which is why he regularly pulls an all-nighter. With his snapshots he captures the nightly delirious moments full of  sweat and frenzy. And he preserves the fleeting night for eternity.

Undaunted by his modest beginnings, the 32-year-old gained attention with his website lately. On http://www.augustcc.com/ he regularly publishes his snapshots - not only for friends, but also for a wide public. But instead of foregrounding grinning party people, he conveys atmosphere and the wanton mood of the night's ecxess. 

Thanks to his splendid talent, he didn't remain undiscovered for long. Munich's municipal museum has recognized Castell-Castell lately and dedicated an exhibiton to him. Since Friday, visitors can admire his photography at the local museum, St.-Jakobs-Platz 1. To me, his exhibits are really worth a visit.

Photos taken in Munich's clubs by August Castell-Castell

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