Get over it

After more than two weeks of blogging abstinence, it's high time to recover lost time. I had lots to do in the past days, as for instance training in video shooting and editing at a German TV broadcaster and a journey to Brussels where we visited the European Commission. To alleviate all that stress, I rewarded myself with shopping. Fortunately, I got hold of some real highlights although my wardrobe is already bulging. But I created some space for this stunning Zara leather jacket and this sleeveless blouse by Asos. Moreover, I acquired that silvery plain chain which goes perfectly with this white blouse. At the end of the day, I caught sight of these awesome Cotton On wegdes which I just had to have. And although it hit me in the pocket, the purchases definitely satisfied my cravings.


  1. i love it.
    Iza B.

  2. I have visited Zara on my visit to Dubai. They have nice collection of leather jackets.

  3. excellent post. i like your post photos. at online Sarees Shop from G3 fashions surat.


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