Camille Rowe presents Intimates Series

When I normally go clubbing, I love to wear edgy or even daring dresses. But as soon as I arrive at home I dig out my grey baggy pants and it feels like I dress in rags. With Free People's new Intimates Series I will undergo a radical change - for sure. I am totally fond of these sheer fabrics and the shot silk. Wearing this homewear, you feel as snug as a bug in a rug and you can vamp at the same time. Can there be anything better?

Camilla Rowe poses super naturally in front of Anthony Nocella's camera - without make-up, rumpled hair and these come-to-bed eyes. The setting is a smart apartment which is well-provided with everything: soft cushions, hand-woven carpets and flowery details. It's just the perfect location to feel comfortable and to underline this wonderful feminine collection.

Besides the colored underwear, the collection consists of sheer tops and knee highs à la Pippi Longstocking. And although the series mainly impresses with a whiff of nothing,  it's nothing to sneeze at.


  1. Hi, a bit off topic but what is in your opinion the top 5 online stores for shoes in Germany? I'm looking for young fashion here. Thankful for an answer.

  2. Hey, no worries. Well, it's hard to say for me as I mainly order my shoes on or One of the largest retailers here in Germany is Zalando but I prefer Goertz or Zara as they have better bids. So I think, it's a matter of taste in the end. I hope, you'll find a way :)


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