Fashion rocks

As summertime is festival time, it’s high time to make your wardrobe ready for raucous parties.

But don’t think it is as easy as it seems. Musical festivals demand a thorough preparation. From tip to toe.

If you’re a total rookie in terms of open-air concerts, the best way to get inspiration is taking a leaf out of the star’s books. ‘Cause some of them are real experts.

Since I am desirous of showing you the European way of styling and partying, I instance Bianca Vaitl. She’s is a world-league-dj’s wife, a designer from Munich and she vacations in Interlaken (CH) at the Greenfield festival.

Her personal styling advices: “Only take a minimum of clothes along with you! And don’t forget about rubber boots, a rain cape, warm socks and a scarf which can be perfectly used as a sunscreen too.” Moreover, you need some basics, otherwise you would be in a fix: a bottle opener, a fixing pin, flashlight & earplugs .


  1. No festivals for me but I love the hippie-boho style !

  2. nice blog! that look is beautifull!

  3. I've always wanted to go to a music festival just to explore my [hidden] inner bohemian hippie ! Alas, none for me to go to.

    Thanks for checking out La Couturier; I've just recently launched my new website and blog, Do take a peek soon!

    bises, xx
    a bit coquettish


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