I'm going to Miami - Welcome to Miami.

Okay, to tell the truth, I'm not. But when I first thought about a post title which characterizes my concern best, Will Smith's song immediately crossed my mind. Unearthing the truth I will (just) remove to Cologne (and not Miami). Alas! But what I actually wanted to say was that I think this will be the last post before weekend. I try to write as soon as possible but with my move I have a great deal to do. So be lenient toward me. Maybe, I'll post some pictures of my new appartment when I'm done but it may be that I cannot keep my promise.


  1. Have a safe trip, and have fun!!


  2. have a good time shifting! always remember, to kick back a little and relax a bit. :) can't wait to see photos of your new apartment! x

  3. Ich wünsche dir, dass alles klappt. Bis bald.

  4. Just sent you an email. Check your inbox.


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