Home sweet home.

Today is my third day here in Cologne & I've been freezing all day as our heating is shut down. I hope I won't come down with a cold.
Moreover, we don't own a mobile broadband dongle yet which is why I am sitting next to the DSL-router in our corridor - on the cold laminate. It cannott get much worse.

But what I actually wanted to post:
I am chosen to be a VIP-guest at the exclusive Levi's Curve ID Styling Event on October 7, 2010 here in Cologne. I'm so excited. My roommate is hopefully coming with me.
Special about this event is that our jeans size will be figured out through a special measurement done by Levi's experts & we can buy these perfectly fitting Levi's Curve ID jeans particulary favorable (-20%).
Furthermore, MakeUp Artists are invited and there will be a Live DJ. This is going to be a really glamourous night in the Levi's store in Cologne. Isn't it great?

I've already written a post on the Levi's Curve ID methode, so please check out my older posts to get more information on that topic.

I will surely report on that fantastic night.

Have a nice week. ♥


  1. haha oh yes your roommate is defently comming with you!! :) wenn ich gemeint bin!! hehe
    cooler blog übrigens, habe grad etwas langeweile und schnupper ein bisschen herum:) hihi
    see you soon <3

  2. Echt super. Da würde ich gerne mitkommen. Aber wenn Lisa dich begleitet, ist ja kein Platz mehr frei. Jedenfalls herzlichen Glückwunsch für die Einladung, du bist ja eine richtige V.I.P. Tschüss.


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