I ♥ my fur vest

Finally, weather has changed, it's getting colder everyday which is why I am so happy to free my fur vest. Due to my moving, my winter clothes were stored in many many packing cases - and, of course, my fur vest too. I purchased it last season's summer sale (until today I don't know why they sold fur vests in summer but I didn't care & just bought it). And - lucky me - they're soooo fashionable this season again. I love it, it's just so fleecy and cuddly and I am so happy to have it :D
The best thing: It keeps me warm and is still so in vogue.

PS: Of course, I only wear fake fur! I wouldn't hurt a fly for fashion!


  1. I like your photos very much. Fake fur vests are so lovely and as we can see, can be worn with so many different styles.

  2. Love,love the fur vests.So comfy and cute :)I made a post on fur vests today too :)and boots with fur and my favourite fur hanbag...fur obssesed for the winter LoL :)

  3. they are so pretty! you are invited to my blog



  4. Love faux fur. Lovely photos!!



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