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While I was thinking about what my next post could be about, I received an e-mail by one of my fav fashion magazines - and it suddenly dawned on me:
I think you guys all know the problem of being stone-broke to afford high-priced couture fashion.
At least I am sitting there almost every day paging through all these mags about vogue and I despair of the stiff prices as I am hard-pressed for money. So, I enforcedly try to shop the look and spare my wallet by getting some bargains which are similar in appearance. Since I don't want to deprive you of my methode I read up on some star looks and their cheaper versions. These are my faves.

Ashley Tisdale's look
HM 19.95€
HM necklace 3.95€
HM 19.95€

This outfit is perfect for a shopping trip - not too much, but still classy enough. When I came across this look, I noticed that I subconsciously bought some similar articles of clothing this week:

Trilby 8.95€
Blazer Pimkie 34.95€

Victoria Beckham's look

Lorus Watch RXT54BX9    
Vans Wigman Aviators Red 19.90€

DRYKORN Tulip black 69.99€
edc by Esprit 69.99€
Then, you just need a simple grey shirt, ballerinas and there you go. I love it.

Drew Barrymore's look

Ralph Lauren 99€
Teton Trilby by Stetson 49€

Hugo Boss chemise 119€
Maison Scotch 89€

Mischa Barton's look

MIU MIU 225€

Le full blouse 84€

By Malene Birger 39.99€
Killah Buster 49.90€
HM Bag 34.95€

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