Zara goes online.

At last!! In the nick of time, Zara gets its own onlineshop early in September. I always thought I will never live to see that happening. It makes me perfectly happy. Well, at least almost. You should know that I am searching for these special blue chinos with brown suspenders for so long now. And the last two days, I was shopping in four different Zara shops in three different cities just to find these in my size.


 So, these are not by Zara (but by American Vintage) and so I guess you have a clue now which pants I meant. Hopefully, I'll get them in Zara's onlineshop as it is sooo difficult to find them in the stores in my size. Keep your finger's crossed for me.

P.s.: In the meantime, I got them :D
Today, I found my suspender pants in Mayence, of course Zara.


  1. Da hast du aber Glück gehabt. Und in zwei Tagen geht's bei Zara los. Mal sehen, ob ihre Internetseite nicht zusammenbricht bei den Besuchen, die die bekommen werden.

  2. I am obsessed with those first shoes!! loving your blog.

    Stop by and follow my blog @


  3. hi Just read your comment. of course we can exchange links. you are already on my blogroll.



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