Levi's Curve ID - The perfect jeans

If you took a glance at my wardrobe, you would discover many of them – in any shade of color, high-wasted, skinny, with a boyfriend- or boot-cut. I think you know what I am talking about: jeans. There are so many different styles, shades and sizes. But just once in a blue moon you find the “one” which fits perfectly.  What makes them so difficult to find are mainly personal body shapes.

And as the female ones can be as different as day and night, Levi’s discovered a system to fulfill every woman’s personal jeans-dream. A survey with 60.000 women and a 3D body scanner made it possible to analyze all these different female body shapes and to subdivide them into three main groups called “Curve ID”.

For this campaign, Peter Lindbergh, a well-known German photographer, shot several stars wearing their personal Levi’s in their Curve ID. For instance, Pixie Geldof who represents the mean shape, named “Demi Curve”, as she has a feminine body shape. The Swedish musician Lykke Li wears a “Slight Curve” and the German DJane Miss Nine, alias Kristin Schrot, presents her “Bold Curve”. But they didn’t only promote them. They are really positive about them and would even wear them in everyday life since the jeans fit like a second skin.

If you want to know, how this system works - then have a look at this video.

This is what explore.levi.com wrote:

“Wear what fits. Get rid of the rest. It's the Wear What Fits Event presented by the Levi's® brand.
Ladies, we know there are moments in our lives when we realize things don't fit anymore. That it's time to pass that antique lamp, sweatshirt, throw rug, handbag or jeans  into someone else's life. Call it a new beginning. A more you, you.
Starting at 10am on Friday, August 27th stop by Bryant Park, NY and bring something in that doesn't fit (which will go to Goodwill®) and at the same time, get something that does. A free pair of Levi's® Curve ID jeans. New custom fits for women.  Because hotness really does come in all shapes and sizes”

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