How time flies

Today marks my first week here in Cologne. And I have to admit that I am pretty excited cooncerning my first day at school tomorrow. Okay, of course, it's not my first day at school in general but after having passed my A-levels I had a very long summer break. In addition, I passed the "qualification test" of the Cologne school for Journalism in Politics and Economics in March, which is why tomorrow will be the end of my looong vacation and (hopefully) the start of my journalism career. So, wish me luck for Monday but I think everthing will be fine.
This is also the reason why I have to "prewarn" you. Maybe I cannot post that much articles as I used to but I do my very best to keep you updated.

Nevertheless, I hope that you remain true to me and keep on reading my blog.

See you. ♥


  1. Much fun and success darling :)

  2. OH the good old days of school! I enjoyed school, always did. Congrats on passing your test. That's awesome.


  3. Thanks MelRod & thanks Darling ♥


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