"You can leave your hat on*

# Who'd a thunk it? Hats are the must-have this season!! Chapeau.

Since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore their Mickey Mouse Ears and Rabbit Ears at the Opening Ceremony Tokyo flagship store in August 2009, the lust for headdresses relumed.
And not only the Parisian hatter Maison Michel experienced a comeback:

 © Junko Komura/Getty Images
The looks fit like a glove: A red carpet event, little black dresses, Prada high-heels and big sunglasses. On top of that two extravagant headgears designed by Maison Michel out of filament and black lace. The eye-catchers of the evening.

Like always, a few freaky, offbeat fashionistas are needed to create a trend. And this one fortunately extends into Spring 2011. Since Fall/Winter 2010/11, many brands designed some creative hat-trends. I had bought myself a grey one last season, but to be honest, I haven't worn the hat yet.

The reason might be that the trend didn't arrived on the streets yet 'cause people are afraid to have a go at wearing hats in everyday-life. Me too?? The only thing I know: The designers did a great job. And I have to take my hat off to them.

London Fashion Week Street Styles 2011:
© Jason Jean

© Jason Jean

© Jason Jean

For those of you, who like to be creative: The tutorial: "How to Crochet a Hat"

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