Are you a man repeller?

Leandra Medine recently posted an article about Mr. Kate's jewelry which gave reason to me to report about that unique lifestyle brand [click]. Today, I wanna talk a bit more about Leandra herself, as she and her blog are truly amazing. Within' one year, the New-York based fashion blogger causes tongues to wag with her blog concept: She highlights cloths that so many fashionistas love and guys just abominate, like harem trousers, jumpsuits, big shoulder pads, jewellery that could double as weaponry, and clogs. But altough her styles are out-of-the-way for guys, her outfits catch on.

I really like her definition and how she goes through with her motto. I would have to work up the courage to follow her suit, although I really lve fashion. But many pieces are just unwearable in everyday life (my boyfriend would call me crazy). So, I am no good for being a man repeller myself. Are you??

Click underneath to see more "man repelling" outfits. And click [here] to got to Leandra's blog.


  1. I love her blog, she is hilarious! I don't think that the issue is that her clothes aren't sexy enough, I think that most men are just a bit scared or put off by a woman who is self-assured, and when you wear what you want without worrying about attracting men that says you have enough conviction in who you are o express yourself - there are a lot of men who don't like that, because it makes them feel superfluous.

  2. @ Elisa: I agree to everything you said. To lay it on the line, there are many guys who are skeptical of women wearing what they want and who don't care what others think. I admire Leandra for exuding self-confidence. Love her positive attitude towards life which she gets across in her photos. She's amazing!!

  3. Sabrina darling!!! your blog is absolutely supa COOL & stylish! keep up the fab work & keep in touch! I'll update your link on! xoxo from california, gabbie


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