Mr. Kate's jewelry**

While browsing the web, I chanced upon Mr. Kate's beautiful jewelry collection. I must admit that I've never heard of Mr. Kate before, which is why I was keen on becoming familiar with it. Mr. Kate is a self-described lifestyle brand for generation Y and Z but X and Boomers totally dig it too! with an emphasis on eco-friendly and on-the-cheap. What me inspired the most was its jewelry, a reflection of the Mr. Kate lifestyle and aesthetic with it’s handmade and truly unique pieces.

Unfortunaley the jewelry is quite pricey ($78 for this dreamcatcher lattice ring), but it's definitely easy on the eyes. Both rings are connected with a simple cable chain. I'm head over heels in love with the collection.

I collected some unique pieces of Mr. Kate's collection. This wallet is off the beaten track:
It's one of my favourite pieces. It's neither a necklace not a ring but these metal wallets are really good for an eye-catcher. This one is called DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL , a selected rap quote which is stamped and hammered on it- chosen for their freshness and utmost gangster appeal. More or less, these wallets can be described in one word: SWAG.**More pieces underneath:

I really love the golden bow-ring. It's called The Stylish Wanderer by Mr. Kate presents ‘Le Cadeau’ a two finger bow ring plated in 18k antiqued gold. Le Cadeau is “The Gift” in French, and this truly is a gift for your fingers. But $198?? Come on... Last year, I found a cheap alternative at Accessorize, some bow-earring (fortunately, it was sale and I bought them for five bucks). At the next opportunity, I'll post a photograph of them.
This necklace is small but powerful. By the way, I love the photo. ♥

So, the ball is in your court now: What are your favorite Mr. Kate's pieces?

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