Are you in the know??

On, I discovered some really fashionable sunglasses made of lace. Well, they're quite chichi and definitely not suitable for daily use, but a real looker!! The editorial with model Sophie Vlaming was shot by Marcin Tyszka and features fashion from Chanel, See by Chloé and Prada. Although the trend is quite unwearable, Sophie looks quite ravishing with her glaring red lips and the slinky outfit.
Kerin Rose's Barracuda glasses - $210
By the way: Did you know that the lace sunglasses already gained notoriety in 2009, when Rihanna showed up with a pair of lace sunglasses at the 2nd House of Hype Dinner? I didn't!! Anyway, I think the sunglasses are very Lady Gaga, aren't they?

How do you feel about it? Useful or useless?

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