Love is...different.

This afternoon, we went to Christopher Street Day's Parade here in Cologne and it was totally insane. People went bananas on the streets dancing to booming house beats, having a pint and enjoying their day [click here for pics]. Normally, that's totally okay for me, but there were some creepy partier wearing their fetish/S&M outfits which was quite scary. One of them was put a leather leash on and he crawled on all fours on the street - really takes getting used to, so I spare you the photos of this sight.

But what I actually wanted to post was my latest acquisition, a golden eagle necklace. I already espied it on friday after having dinner at a burger restaurant, but I couldn't buy it due to closing-time. Fortunately, we went shopping within spitting distance on Saturday, so I knocked down. Here my outfit, how do you like my new necklace?


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