Just whys and wherefores

1.) The day was nothing out of the ordinary, just cramming like usual. This morning, I had to author a company portrait for my journalistic studies, a thing I was quite worried about 'cause there wasn't pretty much time left for writing and I had to observe the deadline (didn't wanna risk demerits). I know, I could have written the portrait over the weekend but my boyfriend called on my and we enjoyed our togetherness - so no space for academic stuff.
2.) Later on, I bicycled to university for an exercise course in microeconomics. I am really working my socks off to understand anything - but it doesn't stick to my mind. I don't get it, seriously. All these digits and graphs are killing me, everything seems nonsensically to me. And although I get additional help at school, the whole math thing makes no sense for me. Fortunately, I am not the sole loser.

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