One week 'til deadline

In light of the rapidly approaching final exams, I really make me mad. They're only seven days left 'til my exam in microeconomics and I am only half done with learning. The trouble is that I am writing politics just one day later. Moreover there is my exam in mathematical methods. Ahhh... I really despair of all this stuff. And they're so many record cards piling up on my desk and all these formulas are buzzing my head too. Know, what I mean? It really sucks.

Posting about it vents my anger at least a bit, so, sorry for whinging. Hence, my day was nothing fancy. I was learning all day long and sat an exam this morning (again a test, I know) but this time it was media law at my school. Nevertheless, I have to recognize that my outfit today was pretty well arranged!! Haha, I know, a man's praise in his own mouth stinks, but this little succes spirits me up. Gonna update my outfit post in the next days when I have some time to spare.

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