Two sides to a story - and I need a rest.

1) So, these are the final days 'til my last exam at university (unfortunately it's maths, a study course of no earthly use!!). I am pretty stressed out and totally bushed but I can't help it. The last two tests really got me down. I know I won't come out first in my exams but nevertheless I somehow wanna scrape through it. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.
2) Luckily, H&M produced relief. They sent me their new fashion catalog (F/W '11) which I flicked through immediately. They really were my last resort and cheered my up. Although I have to say that the collection is dull and autumnal as usal, they're some unique gems I definitely have to own!! The color palette ranges from ochre to sludge-colored and khaki - so nothing new. Every year it seems like going back to the roots, using the same colors and cuts over and over again. Seems like it's a matter of habit but actually the fashion goes with the seasonal mood which is why the colors are that sober. Well... it's acceptable.

But what bugs me the most is the fact that this summer is pretty wack!! I haven't yet worn my summer outfits - nevertheless H&M has already presented the new Fall/Winter collection. That sucks. Anyhow: Next week I am in VACATION!! I am really chuffed about going on holidays and get suntanned on Corfu. What about you? What's your holiday destination this year?

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