MBFW Roadshow - Where the cat walks

Yesterday's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Roadshow was totally awesome. We arrived at 8:30 pm and the first thing to do was lining up. There were probably hundres of fashion addicts waiting to be admitted, most of them were dressed quite nifty. Fortunately, we were put on the guest list so the entry flew smoothly. I was kinda wondering why several people directly ran up the stairs to the top floor but however, as it transpired, the catwalk was errected there. Unfortunately, we ran late which is why we didnt't manage it to grab a seat near the catwalk. So we deferred to the queue-jumpers and waited for the next runway show on 9:30 pm. In the meantime, I scarfed down some canapés and drank my delicious, yummy yummy mango-orange and rasperry-blackberry smoothies listening to some groovy jazz.

A fairy long time later - the first runway show had already come to an end - we sntached some front-row-seats for the second show and I walked on air. Just a few minutes later, Alexander Mazza, a German TV-moderator, inaugurated the show. After closing his speech, the runway show started with Alexandra Kiesels collection "Building Block Individuals 6/12/24”/Baukasten Individualisten 12/6/24", monochrome classics in red, green, yellow and blue - primary colors just like Bauhaus architects would have used them. With her collection Alexandra democratizes fashion in a way everybody is possible to find his/her own style and to mix the "modules" in flexible combinations. Not for nothing, Marc Jacobs elected her to win the "Designer For Tomorrow"-Award.

During the course of the evening, nameable other designer's collections entered the stage, thereunder Gant, MarcCain or Roeckl. Moreover, you could indulge yourself with beauty products by Barbor or do some late night shopping until 12 pm. And after I received my give-away bag (with products of Barbor & Shisheido) I drew a conclusion of the night: The Mercedes Benz Fashion Roadshow was totally terrific.

Like the 2nd photo above, I made some photos myself, so click underneath to get some front-row impressions.



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