Waffels make me happy

Actually, I am sitting here in front of my desk in my editorial office, being expected to drop some lines. But due to lack of business and the ongoing summer slamp, I am condemned to idleness - there's just no work for me, no story I could investigate about. Anyhow, I have to kill time and so I thought about feeding my blog with some posts. And as I promised to report about my faved shopping hotspots in Cologne, I will do so.

# 1 KauF DiCh GLücklich is located in Cologne's Bohemian side of town, called "The Belgian hood". The store is one in eight which are scattered nationwide, with a quite customized concept. They do not only sell glad rags [e.g. Aces of London, Cheap Monday, Sonize, French Connection], the also bake home-made waffels, or sell ice-cream [unfortunately, only for customers in Berlin].  The sales floor is well arranged and - as the name says it all - I really enjoy shopping there.

Andrea and Christoph founded their label KauF DiCh GLücklich out of a clear blue sky by ripping out some scrips. The concept store in Berlin is their flagship, where you can settle in and slouch on the sofas, eating some waffles or ice (I already mentioned that). It's more than a simple boutiqe - it's a big get-together where fashion still takes center stage and it's happening.

The Cologne store is more reticent but still splendid and worth a visit. 

shoes by vagabond, sessun, apple of eden, kmb

photos via KauF DiCh GLücklich
 Of course, I couldn't leave the store empty-handed. I snatched an auburn school bag by SoNize as I always wanted to get one. I have often tried my luck at several flea markets but I didn't have great fortune. Some years ago, I bought a smaller Primark bag but for all that stuff I carry around with me, it was too small. Lucky me, I espied this one, which was about 60 bucks, so within my budget.

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