The Fantasy Issue

Wonderland Magazine has long been renowned for its expressive covers. Lana del Rey, Carey Mulligan or Sienna Miller - all of them already adorned the coveted front page. For its current issue, wonderland mag booked the youngish Charlotte Free, who is sought after for her unique pink hair color "People always ask me, ‘What possessed you to dye your hair pink?’” she tells The Daily Beast. “I used to always get shit for it. It’s kind of strange that now, all of a sudden, it’s very accepted. And it’s not just accepted—it’s everywhere.” And right she is. After Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, Free seems to be the next victim of this pink hair craze - with good cause as her height (she’s only 5-7, which is short by fashion-industry standards) throws a monkey wrench in her plans. But with her new hair color, Free is in great demand, which is why Wonderland didn't want to pass up the golden opportunity to work with her.


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