Hugo Boss x Miami Horror

To stand out from the crowd isn't quite that simple - especially in this tough music industry. There are hundreds of thousands musical talents trying their luck to impress the unimpressive audience ready to be discovered by budding producers. So, either you are dogged by bad luck and sink into oblivion or you got great fortune like Miami Horror: The Australian electronic band from Melbourne now collaborates with Hugo Boss, which belongs to the top ten best selling clothing manufacturers in Germany.

The band got chosen due to their talent of interpreting already existing clubmusic in a new and influental way, reports kinkimag. So, in near future they will work closely with Hugo Tracks, which is the brand's creative and musical project. They'll support the band, which takes influence from dance-pop artists like Prince, New Order and Michael Jackson, by publishing their new songs, videos and daily updates.

So, if Miami Horror takes a shine on you now, you got the exclusive chance to win a T-Shirt: Kinkimag raffles of five of them. All you have to do is to write an e-mail to, subject "Miami Horror". Keep my fingers crossed for you!!

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