Weekday's colorful freshness

I don't know how but the Swedes always throw me a curve. Every season they resort to their voguish bag of tricks. This time, Weekday caused a stir with their new Summer 2012 collection which got presented at German Press Days. Lots of long silhouettes, sparkling accessoires and the well-known bohemian shoes caught my eye, which is why the little sister of H&M scores a lot.

I have to admit that some articles of cloth really take some getting used to - I mean, cycling tights or shiny materials are a bit out of the ordinary for most people. But to me, they definitely got the potential to be THE summer trends in 2012 [although some fashionistas already had the heart to wear them publicly this season and collected some killing glances in return]. Another revival: winkle pickers, which rather fall in the category of the no-go's; at least if you'd ask me. Beauty still is in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, the odds-on favorites are Weekday's jewelry and the bright colors. Or what do you think??

photos via thisisjanewayne

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