Planet Blue Coachella Lookbook

In these days, the sun is treacherous: It displaces the clouds in the morning and it makes us squinting towards the sky. But then, a refreshing breeze brings us back down to earth signalising us that it's just the beginning of spring. Hence we wear the wrong clothing since temperature just doesn't want to conform to our sunny disposition. But now and then, when crocuses cross our paths, one recognizes that summer is on the way. Hopefully, Planet Blues new Coachella Lookbook leverages the sun to dispel the winter.

Honestly, Planet Blue doesn't set trends with its new lookbook. Therefore, I make the case for doing what you're feeling for: Hippie designs, outrageous looks and a touch of friskiness are part of every fashionable summer. Nevertheless, the lookbook serves as an inspiration for braids, hippie bracelets and the careless feeling how to enjoy life. I like.


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