A braided blaze of colors

In case you didn't notice: I have a major love affair with color-soaked arm parties since I posted that Missoni braided chain bracelet. I am totally obsessed with wrist candy which is why I want to you to have a share in my passion. But instead of focussing on prohibitive pieces of jewelry, I thought that's time for some disregarded adornments: friendship trinkets. I mean, they are ever so in vogue, so let's give childhood nostalgia the nod. Sport these vivid babies piled on top of each other or throw one into the mix of a wrist mash-up - and get captivated by the festival fever. For those of you who love to combine it with watches, I got the perfect competition for you: On Cats&Dogs you have to chance to win a Michael Kors watch!! Isn't this awesome? So be quick, the raffle will end on November 14th.!

Rainbow Satin Cord with Five Donuts
Rings Braided Bracelet by

Kris Nations Allison Woven Friendship Bracelet,
available at
Pink Mascara

Tropical Punch Friendship Thread Braided Bracelet,

Monica Rose Dream Weaver Friendship Bracelet,
available at

Multi Orange Friendship Thread Braided Bracelet,
by Ettika

Embellished Friendship Cuff by Free People

Braided Friendship Bracelet by Madewell

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