Especially Escada's Delicate Notes

As there is damnable wheater outside, I wanna dedicate myself to a real mood elevator: Especially Escada's new Delicate Notes perfume. Today, the mailman delivered a parcel with Escada's latest fragrance and I can't get my head around it yet, as I expected it to come next week at the earliest. Anyway, Escada send me a supersize parcel containing a Delicate Notes flacon (75 ml), 24 perfume samples and 100 scratch and sniff cards. Of course I couldn't abstain from nosing the fragrance and I have to admit that I was quite astonished as I expected it to be more poignant. But as I spread the perfume, a subtle scent wafted through my room which indulged my senses. Declaredly, I am really into these bloomy and vernal fragrances. And as my stock of fragrances expires, it was about time for bringing in supplies.
The composition of Especially Escada Delicate Notes consists of three different fragrances. The top note affects the scent while opening the flacon and during the first ten minutes you wear the fragrance. This time, Escada decided on pear for the top note. By contrast, there is the middle note with dewy roses and the base note which is more or less wooden. But in the end, the base note depends on your type of skin as it differentiates. To get a better impression of the perfume, I made some pictures for you as you cannot smell the fragrance. But trust me, it's worth it!


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